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Batista, Melanie (LTSER) Plants and Nitrogen – a love & hate relationship

Brandon, Jennifer (CCE)  What do you do at sea for a month without good internet?

Bisson, Kelsey (SBC) Contrast & Cadence

Busato, Laura (LTSER) (Don’t) judge an aquifer by its covering

Emery, Nate (SBC) A little water goes a long way

Farahani, Shanbnam (LTSER) Adventures in the stoichiometry of Braila Island, Research Center in Systems Ecology and Sustainability

Freibott, Ali (CCE)  LTER Student Science at the 2016 Ocean Sciences MeetingLook at the Filters on that Rack!

Gajović, Vohkan (eLTER) CaveGIS – bringing location analysis to the underground

Holzer, Jen (LTSER) There’s Nothing Trivial about the Danube DeltaThe Small Island of BrailaVistas of place-based research in Scotland’s Cairngorms

Kiheri, Heikki (LTSER) Atmospheric nitrogen deposition may endanger carbon storage in peatlands – how do the fungi respond?

Krašić, Dušanka (LTSER) Fruška gora LTER site from the perspective of hoverflies, treeclimbers and satellites

Linz, Alexandra (NTL) Short term trends in long term research?

Nagarkar, Maitreyi (CCE) Life in the Clean Van

Peters, Joey (SBC) Kelp forest boot camp

Pisek, Jan (LTSER) In the realm of blueberries and moss… radiometry measurements at Kindla Integrated Monitoring site, Sweden

Swanson, Stella (MCR)  Deep Sea Diving on Shallow Reefs

Thibodeau, Tricia (PAL) Poopy Penguins

Wenninger, Alexandria (BNZ)  Ants, parasitoid wasps, and bears, oh my!

Viola, Sloane (SBC)  The Rigors and Rewards of Field Work

Yorke, Christie (SBC)  Salad Cages