Roadblocks and Rocks:  How to Measure Soils in Forest Ecosystems

by Karla Jarecke and Adrian Gallo (HJ Andrews Experimental Forest) Fig.1 Dave Frey scouts location for a quantitative soil pit in Watershed 2 by taking a tree core in one of the younger trees in the old growth stand to date the age of the most recent landslide. Photo credit: Adrian GalloStanding in a meter... Continue Reading →

Ironing out the arctic carbon cycle

by Adrianna Trusiak Location: Toolik Field Station, Alaskan Arctic Red and orange across the Arctic In the environment iron is easy to identify due to its color.  Specifically, on the surface iron is exposed to oxygen in the atmosphere and oxidized, forming red-orange precipitates visible to the naked eye.  Across the arctic landscape, these red-orange... Continue Reading →

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